School Fundraisers – Fun & Easy!


Hold a Kids Walk/Mini Walk Around Your School!

  • To sign your school up for a Kids Walk, please email or call Jennifer at 716.833.2873.
  • Set the date, time & location – walk during the lunch hour around the school grounds, after school around the school track or on the weekend at a local park.
  • Set a Walker & dollar goal for the school to strive toward. Hang up giant thermometers (given to you by JDRF) all over the school so students can track the school’s progress.
  • Create excitement by having competitions between classes.
  • JDRF will do all the work – we’ll put together packets for the kids to take home (whether it is sneakers to sell, information or permission slips to Walk at school)!
  • Hold a school assembly to get everyone excited about the Walk, educate them on diabetes, sign-up Walkers & promote prizes! JDRF can even bring Rufus, the bear with diabetes!
  • Walkers collect donations from friends, family & neighbors to help cure diabetes.
  • Provide incentive prizes, like a pizza party, to the class that raises the most money or movie tickets for the top individual fundraisers to encourage participation.

Hold a Jeans Day, Hat Day, or Non-Uniform Day!

  • For a donation of $1, your students and faculty can wear jeans or other casual school attire.
  • Or allow students to wear their hats for the day when they make a $1 donation.

Mini Fund Raisers for JDRF!

  • Host a car wash at the school or local business.
  • Have a used CD sale (students clean out their old CD’s & sell them at school).
  • Hold a bake sale.
  • Collect Coins for a Cure! Give them little decorated baggies to make it more fun!
  • Hold JDRF drawings for $1 or $5 for a special prize. Prizes don’t have to cost money – some ideas are:
    • Be a principal or teacher for the day.
    • Get out of Gym card.
    • Homework extension passes.
    • Extra study hall pass or a ‘No Homework Today’ pass.

Sell Paper Sneakers!

  • Students take home 10 paper sneakers to sell for $1 each or more!
  • JDRF will provide them with sneakers and collection envelopes.
  • Easy for teachers and parents! JDRF will collect the envelopes and count all the money!
  • Display the sneakers in a prominent location such as outside the cafeteria or in the school gym. Or challenge students to sell enough sneakers to make it all the way around the school!


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