JDRF, How we can help you:

Bag of HopeWe can deliver to you a Bag of Hope that contains valuable information for you and your family about diabetes. It also has a wonderfully soft and loveable Rufus bear who has patches on all the places your child can get tested and receive insulin shots. Contact the JDRF office at 716-833-2873 for more information.

Parent Support GroupWe have a local parent support group called PODS that is a great resource for a wealth of diabetes related information. You can talk with other parents who have experienced diagnosis and the everyday trials and tribulations associated with the disease. There are monthly support group meetings and an online message board. The website and has all the information you need to stay in touch! Make sure to sign up to be added to the email list to stay up-to-date on all events and information.

In-Service Training Programs We can provide training for you at places such as daycares, schools and summer programs to nurses, teachers, and school personnel so that you can feel more comfortable with their care of your child. This service is provided free of charge and can be done at any time. Contact the JDRF office at 716-833-2873 for more information or to schedule a date and time.

Caregiver Classes We can provide a personalized training class for your friends and family that help care for your child. The class covers basic information on diabetes management and care. It can be held in your home or any location that you choose. This is a great tool for newly diagnosed families who are looking for help training babysitters, friends or family members who would like to help with your child but arent quite sure how. Contact the JDRF office at 716-833-2873 for more information or to schedule your class.

Medical & 504 Plans We can provide assistance with writing, reviewing and implementing your Medical and/or 504 plans. We understand that you want the rights that your child is entitled to and we are here to help. You can have someone go over what the different plans cover and even have someone attend school meetings with you. It is important to have your childs school aware of their needs, but also to have everything documented in writing. Contact the JDRF office at 716-833-2873 for more information. You can request from your child’s school a Medical/504 plan at anytime.

Support­ We are here to help you. If there is anything that you need help or support with, let us know! We have a Family Mentor Program that connects families of children who have been living with diabetes with those who are newly diagnosed. We try our best to connect families based on location and ages if possible. The goal of JDRF is to find a cure for diabetes, but we also know how important it is to care for the children until a cure is found. Dont hesitate to contact us if there is anything you may need. Support is just a call away!